The Ceres Garden Club is a non-profit organization made up of gardening enthusiasts of all ages whose purpose is to promote an interest in gardening, to stimulate the knowledge of gardening among amateurs, to aid in the protection of native trees and wildlife, to encourage civic planting, and to socialize with fellow gardeners. We enjoy getting together to learn more about gardening techniques, do fun garden crafts,  go on educational outings, participate in fund raisers to continue building our scholarship fund, and beautification of Ceres.



Our Theme for 2017-2018  is: “Growing Beautiful Minds

sunflower, ceres garden club

Our signature flower is the ‘Helianthus’, or common sunflower.



Affiliations – Federated under the National Garden Clubs, Inc., Pacific Region, Member of California Garden Clubs, Inc., Valley Lode District.  See links below:

National Garden Clubs, Inc.

Pacific Region National Garden Clubs, Inc.

California Garden Clubs, Inc.

Valley Lode District