Defeat the Invaders

Control Invasive Weeds & Plants

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Ed Tobler, Director Field Operations, and the 2015 Ceres Ag Man of the Year


The November Meeting Feature presented by experts, Ed Tobler and Marvin Dommer, from Stanislaus Farm Supply, Ceres, CA targeted specific methods to control the most noxious ‘sedge nut grass’ and other invasive weeds and plants.

Ed Tobler, Director Field Operations, Stanislaus Farm Supply, and the 2015 Ceres Ag Man of the Year, explained the history and customer range of the Stanislaus Farm Supply.  Citing the many services and products offered by the Stanislaus Farm Supply, club members were encouraged to avail their gardening concerns to the Farm Supply experts and to retail products.  In addition to chemicals and fertilizers, retail products include shovels, and all other garden tools, clothes, and farm toys.

Mr Dommer presented various methods on how to defeat the invasive


Marvin Dommer, Stanislaus Farm Supply

weeds and plants, and then presented products that are available to the backyard gardener, most of which have the OMRI Listed symbol for organic use and meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standards for Organic Gardening. He then answered questions while offering solutions to specific problems as presented by Ceres Garden Club members, including sedge nut grass.


Sedge nut grass is overly noxious in that it reproduces by seed, root runners, and root nuts.  The root nuts are slightly smaller than a pea, are the color of dirt, and when the weed is pulled out, the nuts are left behind in the ground to reproduce.  It is not eradicated by commonly used herbicides.  However, Nutgrass Killer11 Selective Herbicide (halosulfuron) by Monterey Lawn and Garden Products, Inc., available from the Farm Supply, is effective in the control of nut grass, albeit very expensive.

It’s great to know that Ceres has agriculture expertise available to the backyard gardener at the Stanislaus Farm Supply, Service Road, Ceres, CA.