Name That Daylily

Ceres Garden Club members are challenged to get creative with words to name a

Mr. Bill Maryott, Maryott Daylily Gardens, Santa Cruz, CA was the
guest speaker at the January 21 Garden Club meeting.  A hybridizer of daylily
and the District Director for the states of California, Arizona and Hawaii, 
Mr Maryott offered a $50 Gift Certificate to be applied to the purchase of
a daylily from Maryott Gardens.  
DSC01164 (2)

Numerous members submitted lists of suggestions for naming the newest Daylily developed to be introduced for public marketing.  Bill Maryott researched all those suggestions from the national data bank of the American Daylily Association to determine what suggestions were already registered.  From that list he then narrowed his selection for a name of his 2016 Daylily.  His choice and the winner of a $50 2016 Daylily from the famous Maryott Gardens is Cosmic Collision submitted by Eudith Hendrix.