Native Grass for Drought Effective Lawn

Jodi Schiefield of Delta Bluegrass, Stockton, was the featured speaker at the March 17 General Meeting of the Ceres Garden Club.  Presenting studies and research plantings of Native Grass blends as sod in multiple locations throughout California, the evidence supports the superiority of blended native grasses.  Using less water once established as compared to traditional sod, Delta Bluegrass has a non-mow variety for even the laziest gardener.


Jodi Schiefield of Delta Bluegrass, Stockton

Citing carefully gathered statistics on the 50-80% less water required by the special California Native Grass blends as compared to traditional sod, the sample products were lovely and lush.

For those who love a green lawn, the drought has turned green to brown.  Some people have even painted their dead grass green.  Others have put in artificial turf which is hot in the summer, or landscaped with rock.  But now there is an alternative to thirsty turf, plant Native Grass blends.  Or plant the Kurapia ground cover which will thrive in any type soil, takes moderate foot traffic and little mowing, yet requires 60-80% less water that traditional sod.

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