Pot Party

Ceres Garden Club members gathered for the 2nd Pot Party at the home of member and Craft Chairman, Karen Thomas.  Karen directed as members dug and divided plants while others potted the divisions.  That is what we call a POT PARTY!

Putting the Ceres Garden Club Motto into action always creates wonderful results.   PLAN…DEVELOP…MAINTAIN.  And it happened again when these Pot Partiers got together.  After a little PLANning to meet right after lunch and to bring their own tools to dig and divide, these Motto Maids were able to DEVELOP a clear course of action to get the plants potted and watered.  From there it is easy to MAINTAIN good plants to be ready for the plant sale at the Ceres Street Faire on May 7 & 8.  Plants will be given as a gratuity for donation to the Ceres Garden Club scholarship fund, Penny Pines or general fund.

Lovely large Euphorbia were potted along with multiple calla lily, even a few very rare green goddess calla lily made it into pots.  variegated Vinca major with the deep purple flower were added.  Various succulents were potted together to make a lovely arrangement.  Several lovely pink lady geraniums were potted also, which will provide blooms all summer long and into fall right up to first frost.


Pot Partiers left to right: Berni Hendrix, Manjeet Dosanjh, Judy Sylvester, Pat Askew, Karen Thomas, Debbie Brereton.