Jim Brugger, President, North San Joaquin Valley, California Native Plant Society Featured

Jim Brugger

Jim Brugger, President, North San Joaquin Valley, CNPS


The monthly meeting, April 21, featured instruction from Jim Burgger, President, North San Joaquin Valley California Native Plant Society on ‘going native’.  With slides of a complete native front yard in gorgeous full bloom in spring, to the same yard in the dormant season showing dry plants, the benefits are compelling.

Native plants do not require added water once established.  They do not require ANY soil admendments.  You NEVER have to fertilize.  They attract and support local native birds and other fauna.  Rarely do they need prunning or grooming.

Membership in the CNPS (California Native Plant Society) supports the protection and preservation of our diverse native wildlife and plant selection, most of which are found no where else on the planet.  The Ceres Garden Club holds membership in the North San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the CNPS.