Street Faire

Unique one-of-a-kind

StreetFaire group pic

Left to right: Ann Shivel, Laura Bravinder, Berni Hendrix, Debbie Brereton

Always on the first weekend in May, and this year falling on Mother’s Day, the Ceres Street Faire was better than ever!  Sharing information on the programs and projects of the Ceres Garden Club, and spreading good-will by offering potted plants in exchange for a donation, the opportunity to join the Ceres Garden Club was offered and accepted.

From the ‘Pot Parties’ held earlier in the year, members worked in each others gardens, dividing and potting plants to be offered in exchange for a donation.  Over 400 plants were potted, many in unique one-of-a-kind containers. (see picture below).  Wooden chairs were painted and hole cut in the seat to hold colorful flowering planters. A chicken feeder was planted with ivy streaming over the top. Teacups were planted in dainty succulents. A vintage aluminum peculator coffee pot, with the lid tied to the handle had the grounds holder planted in fuzzy succulents.  Colorful petunia hanging baskets and hanging impatiens were just a few of the varied plantings offered.

Enormous hand-made items were donated to be offered as raffle prizes.  A non-member, Arlene Stockman, made and donated a huge treasure chest succulent garden (see lower right corner in the picture below.)  Karen Thomas made and donated a jaw-dropping double bird house with a succulent roof top.  Large and lovely hanging succulent gardens were also offered as raffle prizes.


Vintage aluminum teapot succulent garden being examined.

Individually potted succulents and numerous unique succulent groupings were available.   Herbs, tomato plants, landscape plants and trees were also on hand.

To support other community services, tomato plants were given to a children’s charity.  The plants will be used to teach impoverished kids how to grow food and to respect plant life and the gain an understanding of environmental responsibility.


Ann Shivel is always readily available.

Air-plants generated much interest and questions from their fabulous bloom and unique growth style.  Unique containers, including small  birch logs and lava rock were available as display holder for the Tillandsia (air-plant)

Having a passion for African Violets, club member Ann Shivel donated many of her hand propagated plants.

Answering questions about individual plants, pointing out specific characteristics and making suggestions, members shared knowledge and enjoyed making new friends at the Ceres Street Faire.  Explaining the projects and programs of the Ceres Garden Club, the invitation to join was offered and accepted.