Youth Garden

Walter White Elementary School

Summer Session Celebration

By special invitation, Ceres Garden Club members attended as a means to show support and to encourage budding writers in the Ceres Garden Club Youth Garden at Walter White Elementary School summer writing session, Jill-Marie Purdy instructor.

These young authors have been writing creative narratives for enjoyment and academic enhancement.  The children have also produced tiny gardens that illustrate their stories.

Students were so excited to show their stories and their gardens, that they created extra gardens that were presented to the Ceres Garden Club in appreciation for the support given to the Youth Garden.

Parents, students and guests toured the Youth Garden of multiple vegetables, flowers of every assortment, and berry arbor among adorable garden decor in the multiple growing beds.  With squeals and giggles, the compost bin housing wiggly worms was a most popular hands-on experience for all the students.  The student built ‘bug hotel’ was an amazement to adults, realizing it was used as a continued learning tool.

On Tuesday, July 5th, 6pm – 8:30 pm these adorable creative gardens will be featured at the Ceres Concert in the Park.  Come see these amazing creative gardens at the Ceres Garden Club booth in Whitmore Park.

Youth 7-2016.7

Believe in the Fairies, who make dreams come true.     Believe in the wonder, the stars and moon.  Believe in the magic from Fairies above, they dance on the flowers and sing songs of love.  If you just believe and always stay true, the Fairies will be there to watch over you.



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