Pictured upper right: Ryan Thornberry, California Landscape and Supply, with other volunteers to plant trees. CIRCLE sign posted in Smyrna Park and Tree City USA flag on display.

Ceres Garden Club celebrated with the overwhelming turnout of volunteers to celebrate Trees for Ceres on Saturday, October 22, 2016 with planting Red Maple trees in parks and neighborhoods made possible from the CALFIRE Grant through the California Initiative to Reduce Carbon and Limit Emissions (CIRCLE).

Never has a project touched so many within the community in such positive way. Homeowners were touched with volunteers coming on to their property to help them plant the trees.  Neighbors were touched by neighbors working together to make their neighborhood healthier with added landscape beautification. Students of all ages, Boy Scouts, parents, grandparents, and volunteers from neighborhoods receiving trees and many from neighborhoods who did not receive trees, all came together with a common goal to plant trees in Ceres.


Ceres Firefighters wear pink in honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness, and volunteer to plant trees.

Made possible from the efforts of members of the Ceres Garden Club who walked door-to-door in the summer hottest months of July/August in neighborhoods selected by the City of Ceres Public Works Dept, to explain the CALFIRE Grant and to gain resident permission to have a tree planted on their property.  Resident permission was recorded with a signed written agreement to accept responsibility to water the young tree with a minimum of 10 gallons per week for the first 3 years.  Average cost for required water is calculated to be about $8 – $10 per year.

The objective of the CALFIRE Grant is to plant more trees which filter the air rendering it cleaner and healthier.  Added bonus is increased property value for the homeowner, greater curb appeal beautifying the community, and energy reduction for heating and cooling from shade provided by the tree.  The non-profit doing the leg work for securing the signed watering agreements receive a donation from the CALFIRE Grant.

As with most municipalities, the trees become the property of the City of Ceres, and are planted within 10 feet of walkways.  The City of Ceres hires a professional Arborist to maintain all city trees both in parks and neighborhoods. Under contract with the City of Ceres, West Coast Arborists employees were on hand Saturday to instruct volunteers on the proper method to plant the young trees.

Local professional Certified Arborist, Daniel Bote, a Ceres resident, volunteered over 50 hours with the Ceres Garden Club to walk door-to-door gaining signed watering agreements from homeowners.  Daniel paid his staff from Central Valley Trees and Landscape Services to participate in the project.  Additionally, as a Certified Arborist, Daniel headed up a team of volunteers to plant trees on Saturday for the Tree Planting Celebration.  The Ceres Garden Club honors the community support and dedication rendered by Daniel Bote, Central Valley Trees and Landscape Services,  as a preferred local business.

Ryan Thornberry, owner of several Ceres businesses (California Landscape & Supply Nursery, Morgan Road, Ceres, BTY Concrete & Materials, Morgan Road, Ceres, and part owner of River Bluff Golf Course, Hatch Road), also volunteered and planted trees on Saturday.  The Ceres Garden Club honors the community support and dedication rendered by California Landscape & Supply Nursery as a preferred local business.

The efforts of Helen Condit, Ceres Garden Club Chairman FREE Tree Project, is directly credited with the strong turnout for the tree planting Celebration on Saturday.  Channce Condit, Co-Chairman, organized teams to canvas the targeted neighborhoods.  Ted Hawkins, Vice President Ceres Garden Club was the garden club spokesperson at the October 22 Celebration ceremony.  Numerous Ceres Garden Club members volunteered and planted trees on Saturday.

Thank you to the City of Ceres, Public Works, for inviting the Ceres Garden Club to partner as the non-profit in this CalFire Grant project.


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