Christmas Tree in the Gazebo

It’s not Christmas in Ceres without the 12 foot tree lighted and decorated Christmas tree inside the gazebo at Whitmore Park.  Throwing a holiday glow through the multi-colored lights, ribbon bows, and metallic ball ornaments, Ceres Garden Club members annually install and decorate the tree.  Visible from the freeway, the tree reminds travelers, and the entire community too, that friendships and traditions are set in place to remind us of those things that are all good, to warm the deepest parts of the soul.

Speaking of deep souls, there were brave ones who inspite of chilling winds, stayed on to complete the labor of love by decorating the tree.  With cold hands and numb fingers, truly brave were Roxanne Campbell and Betty Gardner who were up and down, moving the ladder to reach the upper parts of the tree placing ornaments and decorations, oh, and the angel topper. Club members, Dan Garrett and Ted Hawkins secured garland around the posts, encircling the entire gazebo in holiday cheer.

Each year the artificial tree is compressed and packed into large tubs, then stored safely waiting for the next year.  The many string of lights are unwound and placed in their container along with the plastic metallic ball ornaments, ribbon bows and other decor. This long standing tradition was initiated by Colleen and Jim Bergamaschi over 20 years ago.  And again this year they were instrumental in completing the task by having the tree assembled and secured for Club members to decorate that cold windy morning.


Santa’s helpers decorate the tree. Left to right: Colleen Bergamaschi, Jim Bergamaschi, Betty Gardner, Alma Garcia, Dan Garrett, Berni Hendrix, Roxanne Campbell on ladder.


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