Hughson Arboretum Tour

On April 6, the Ceres Garden Club arranged a tour of the Hughson Arboretum and Gardens lead by Dale Pollard, Professor Environmental Horticulture, Modesto Junior College and Hughson Arboretum Board member.

What had been a walnut orchard and a dream for a lovely place filled with native and historic trees and shrubs, became the reality of benefactor Margaret Sturtevant.  The first few acres on family land were planted at the corner of Whitmore Ave and Euclid Road, Hughson, California in 1994.  More plantings were done in 1998, and in 2007 an additional five acres were planted in native trees and plants.

Unique in that the Arboretum boasts to plant, maintain, and make available for public viewing, native trees and plant species, trees of historic value, and other types of plants that will promote education and appreciation of a natural environment.  The concept is to provide a place for preservation of native species and to allow the public to have access to a place of peace for quiet contemplation.  Creating a natural setting without concrete walkways, mowstrips or manicured topiary is the reality of the dream of its founder.

Very unique are the historical trees.  George Washington Tulip Poplar, first planted at Mount Vernon in 1798; Harriet Beecher Stowe Golden Rain; President Madison Montpelier Red Maple; Trail of Tears Redbud; American Elm Survivor Tree, from the Oklahoma City bombing; George Washington Carver Green Ash; and Susan B Anthony Sycamore. It literally took an act of Congress to allow for the moving of a giant Redwood tree slab from Humboldt County Giant Redwood forest, which is on display.

Looking to the future and thinking of the generations who may never see the natural condition of our rich valley, the Hughson Arboretum on only 9 acres is a magical spot where time stands still.  Yet nothing is still in the Arboretum.  The breeze, bees, and blooms beckon to a space where nature is in perfect harmony.

For more information on the Hughson Arboretum and Gardens, and on how to participate with the Arboretum go to: or email:  Mail: P O Box 1345, Hughson, CA 95326


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